Snapchat can be dangerous; nudes can be secretly screenshotted and sent out for all to see, and your friends can also take that really embarrassing snap you sent and throw it up on all forms of social media. Ouch. I think we’d both choose door #2 than door #1. Luckily since this world is filled with awesome people, there are plenty of embarrassing Snapchat fails posted all over social media, and we all get to revel in it! Here’s to hoping none of them are of you *clink*.

Fail #1: Unleashing the monster.

I can’t stress how important it is to keep your parents as far away from social media as possible! Sorry mom, but you were one of the reasons why I left Facebook. Parents are embarrassing even when they’re trying not to be; this girl right here, she fucked up. Her dad has a smartphone (probably an iPhone) and he’s taking a selfie. One of the unspoken rules of selfie-taking is that if you’re a dad, well, your selfie days are over. Actually, they’re long gone, just like his hair. Snapchat and all other forms of social media should have a “Keep Away From Parents” warning.

Fail #2: If you’re not a player, stay the fuck out of the game.

With those shades, how can the panties not fall to the floor? The suit completes the look, I guarantee it. Obviously this guy is a big dude, nothing wrong with that at all. Hell, I’m ugly as shit, so I can’t say anything. But in reality, I’m sure he didn’t patrol one “pussy”. Saying “pussy” when referring to girls makes you seem like a douchebag, no matter who you are. If you said that to a girl, before you even finished saying the second syllable she’d either slap the shit out of you or kick you so hard in the balls you’d be a girl yourself, no surgery required. Even snapchat sluts don’t want to be sent stupid snaps as shown above. Dude, players don’t kiss and tell. If you have game, you don’t need to proclaim it to all your friends; they’d know it just by seeing you in action. Let your skills (or lack thereof) speak for themselves.

Fail #3: Don’t go overboard with it.

She was asking for it, really. With that much effort into one snap, she had to have known that was gonna get saved and put up on the internet forever. When taking a snap that you’ll send to a friend, make sure that it isn’t so outrageous that they screenshot it and post it somewhere else. Be funny, include inside jokes, but never, ever, make it as ridiculous as this. It’ll be on Facebook before you know it, and by that time someone else will surely have posted it on another site, and that cycle will continue forever until it is included in an article about Snapchat fails that you should try to avoid replicating. So put down the marker and just stick with a weird face and a caption.

Fail #4: Don’t Snapchat while drunk.

There isn’t a way to verify if he’s drunk or not, but look at his face. He must’ve had a bit too much and fallen asleep on a beach somewhere; tan lines like that don’t happen on purpose. This guy probably didn’t feel any kind of embarrassment when he saw this online somewhere the next morning; frankly, he got off pretty easy. That being said, when you’re drunk, stay off of Snapchat. You’ll either say something or look a certain way that will essentially be asking your friends to screenshot it and save it for when they need a little revenge. When you’re drunk, do yourself a favor and keep your phone in your pocket.

Fail #5: If you’re not very funny, don’t try to be funny.

This is more disgusting than funny. It’s 100% nasty and 0% funny. This girl was asking to be posted all over the internet as well, with a snap like that. If it was something like “I smoke pot” with a drawing of a pot, then that would’ve been better, and not nasty at all. If you don’t think that joke is gonna go over very well, you’re right; it won’t. So before you force us to imagine something horrifically disgusting, think about it for a second. Then delete that shit.