It’s funny how people’s personalities can so easily be labeled and judged on Snapchat. Some we hate (honestly, most we hate), some we love, and some we don’t really know what to think. Not to pick on girls, but they certainly do make it easiest to pick on them. Here are six girls everyone knows, loves, hates, or both on Snapchat.

1. The Stoner Girl.

The stoner girl will relentlessly send you snaps and post stories of her either seductively blowing out weed smoke, (usually with a black and white filter) holding a bong, blunt or a weed nug (like above.)

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with smoking weed, but constantly reminding everyone you do is fucking obnoxious.

We get it – you’re “chill”, you’re a “guy’s girl.” Don’t think we’re not on to you, Stoner Girl. We know that you’re probably posting these snap stories so that you’re appealing to the dudes who are into smoking.

But honestly, posting stories and sending me snaps of you smoking weed every day makes me curious if you’re at all productive with your life.

You might not be lazy, but you’re sending the message that you are.

Sure, some guys are into girls who can hang and get high without turning into a creature. But there are also just as many guys and girls who are making fun of you for it.

My advice: Don’t post snaps to your story of yourself smoking. Save it for direct snapping.

2. The Hipster Girl.

If you didn’t think a hipster persona could translate into Snapchat, you’re mistaken.

Hipster girls snap and story stupid shit like the example above.

A hipster snap could range anywhere from a selfie only showing their lips with too much red lipstick, biting a sweater with a caption saying “Sweater Weather” (???) to a snap of a the rain soaked window with a caption saying “Afternoon thoughts” (???).

Honestly why do you think that either of those things are relevant at all for me to see.

Snapchat is for funny, interesting and relevant things that the mass majority of your audience would enjoy.

I don’t think anyone besides Mary from your Women’s Studies 254 class would appreciate your snaps or stories.

I get that some people are creative and want to break the mold and all that shit, but my advice: save it for your Tumblr.

3. The Girlfriend

Ah, the girlfriend on Snapchat. One of my most favorite people to make fun of.

The girlfriend always makes an obvious appoint to let everyone know that they are with their boyfriend.

The funniest part about it more times than not, the boyfriend doesn’t even realize the picture is being taken (like the one above.)

The girlfriend will snap and story just about anything and everything about her relationship.

In addition to it being extremely annoying, it makes you wonder if the relationship is actually successful since she goes to such extremes to prove that it is.

Not only that, but it is oh so obvious she is telling other girls to “Back off! He’s taken.” My advice: Relax, Crystal. He’s not that good looking.

4. The Healthy Girl

I’m not quite sure who despises the healthy girl more: the unhealthy girls or the healthy girls who just don’t Snapchat about it.

Anyways, healthy girls love snapping and storying:

Fruit – Workouts – Yoga – Healthy meals – Them “pre-workout” – Them “post-workout” – Their “pre-workout drink” – Their “post-workout snack” – New workout gear – Themselves in sports bra and pants (see above.)

Get the picture? Yeah, it’s fucking annoying. Hey, I heard there’s this new thing that will make you lose two pounds a week: Not snap chatting. My advice: Even if you have the best intentions, just stop. Start a workout blog or something.

5. The Babysitter Girl

Some people despise the babysitter on Snapchat while others might not mind her at all.

Regardless of your opinion on it, we all know those girls who Snapchats the kid they babysit so much we feel like we’re watching them grow up.

You kind of get invested… like you know the kid’s interests, favorite toys, what time they nap.

Not to sound creepy, but my point is you seriously get ALL of that information just from watching this girl snap and story the kid all the time.

Typically, this babysitter will use a caption like “Sorry if I’m annoying, but he’s so dang cute.” At least she knows she’s annoying I guess.

I don’t mind seeing a little kid doing cute things from time to time. But posting hundreds of seconds of it is super excessive and annoying.

My advice: Pay more attention to the kid than your phone.

6. The Drunk Girl

The drunk girl is one of the most entertaining people to have on your snap feed. The drunk girl can either be super hilarious or super annoying.

For example, a drunk girl posts a story of herself commentating on her BFF Jenny sloppily making out with some tool: funny.

Another drunk girl posts 130 seconds of her taking selfies and videos with everyone she knows (or doesn’t know) in the bar: annoying.

My advice: There’s nothing more funny for your snap audience than to see you drunkenly make a fool out of yourself. There is also nothing more embarrassing than waking up and realizing you posted a 30-second-long story of your smeared-make-up face singing along to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space.

So, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re making us laugh. Or don’t, and save yourself the embarrassment. Just take a peak at these drunk snapchat girls, and you’ll get the picture.

7. The Selfie Girl

You know I had to save the best for last. Oh yes, the selfie girl on Snapchat. We all know her, and know her well, because she posts pictures of herself every damn day. Some of the most common captions to go along with snap selfies:

  • Ugh so bored.
  • Love this weather!
  • Hate this weather!
  • New haircut 🙂
  • Can this week be over? It’s finally the weekend! Goodnight 🙂
  • Good Morning 🙂

My advice: If you’re going to snap or story a selfie, at least make it funny or somewhat original.  But if you’re looking snapchat sex, then head over to snapsex.co the worlds #1 snapchat sexting app.