By now, you probably have a Snapchat account, and use it all the time. You follow your friends maybe an acquaintance or two, but really, those people can be kind of boring and monotonous with their posts. You, my friend, need to follow some bangin’ accounts that make you laugh, make you think, and don’t just post a picture of the damn sunset every day (its pretty, we get it, but we all have eyes and can peep it if we want to). Below is a list of accounts that you definitely need to check out to switch up your Stories.

You follow your friends maybe an acquaintance or two, but really, those people can be kind of boring and monotonous with their posts.

1. geeohsnap: Ok. I followed this account recently and it is DOPE. It is run by a Swedish artist who has kept their identity relatively unknown, which kind of makes it even better. But anyway, this person captures strangers in their photos and creates incredibly intricate and detailed art around them, usually in a humorous manner. They are “all about the smiles” and the positive tone is a great way to improve your Snapchat experience.

2. lacma_museum: You wouldn’t think a museum of any kind would/could make a cool snapchat, but the people at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art definitely have it going on. They showcase the art displayed there on their Stories and add hilarious captions that will hit the mark with Millennials and Generation Z. This account is a great way to find a laugh and you may be inspired by the priceless art on display, so win-win!

3. miologie: Christine Mi is an incredible artist, and showcases it on Snapchat through her awesome selfies. Selfies? Boringgggg… No, not boring. She recreates other art pieces, like her Van Gogh “Self Portrait” and includes a funny caption to top it off. It may seem simple, but her posts are anything but; give her a follow, and she may even interact with you if you send her a snap!

4. hannahstocking: In case you don’t know who she is, Hannah Stocking is a model/fitness guru who’s Instagram fame is quickly rising. She’s also incredibly gorgeous and other guys will appreciate having a beautiful girl post Stories about her interesting life, which is actually pretty packed with fun stuff. She’s also the girlfriend of Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson (1⁄2 of the Splash Brothers duo). Follow her and start drooling, unless you’d rather just look at snapchat nudes.

5. badgalrihanna: Rihanna has a Snapchat account. That’s really all you should need to know, but if you want more, her posts are great and shows a side of her that most people don’t believe exists.

6. wakaflockaveli: Waka Flocka is one of the few rappers who have joined Snapchat, and his Stories give you a taste of what its like to live the life of the self-proclaimed Turn Up God. He’s such a dope person, and if you want to feel energized or get a quick laugh, follow Waka. His Flame never dies.

7. newyorkermag: Wait, wtf? An old-ass magazine joined Snapchat? Why? Because they’re awesome, that’s why. This is a great account to follow so you can get in insight into the magazine and what goes on behind closed doors. Oh, and their artists will draw up cartoons that you can see as they create them, which is pretty sweet. Old can be cool too, kids!